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Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / Re: Battery pack & charging port
« on: December 16, 2016, 12:51:35 PM »
Here are pics of the battery pack.

Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / Battery pack & charging port
« on: December 16, 2016, 12:49:25 PM »
Just started having problems with the charging port so I decided to remove the back and see just how hard it would be to replace it.  I googled the part and it is cheap - - like under $3 U.S. - - so ...... maybe. ???

Not looking as easy as I hoped it would be.  The port looks to be soldered on from the "bottom" of the mainboard, so that would need to be removed from the case first.  That means removing the battery pack and a bunch of screws and connectors.  Just removing the battery looks to be a chore.  They appear to be attached inside some sort of metal frame - - several screws - - plus at least 4 kinds of tape holding them into place - - or holding other stuff away.  Who knows?  Actually, there is quite a bit of tape covering/holding different components.  The port seemed solid ... no movement on the board.  But the plug is awfully loose in the port so that must be what's going on - - the physical connection is loose between the plug and the port.  I know that when mine stops charging, if I wiggle the plug I can get it to start charging again.  I may have to do the wiggle dance 15 or 20 times but so far I've been able to get it fully charged.

Speaking of the battery pack - - it is a Getac FG6Q battery.  I have seen a few posts here asking where to find them.  I googled several variations of this and several sources came up, including Amazon.  The part number - - FG6Q - - seems to be the important part.  Looks to be around $40 - $45 U.S..

Has anyone successfully replaced the charging port themselves or have the people who have made the repair sent it away to be done?

Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / Re: Le Pan TC1020
« on: July 14, 2014, 06:47:26 PM »
The usb port on the tc1020 is a tight fit and has to pushed in straight to the top.  Because the back slopes I had a hard time figuring out what angle and direction it need to be to push it in.
Yeah, I had the same problem.  Started to get a bit frustrated the first time around.  Now that I've done it a few times it doesn't seem so bad.   :)

Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / Re: Le Pan TC1020
« on: July 14, 2014, 11:33:06 AM »
Does anyone know of a simple address book / contact app?  All I want is a simple app that lists contacts with name, address, phone, and email. 

I do not want it to "sync" with google or social media or any other darned cloud type rigmarole.  The 1020 is not a phone ... I do not need it to dial a phone number.  Maybe ... maybe ... a click on an email that opens the email program ... maybe. 

The built in app keeps wanting to associate any contact I input with my gmail email account.  That account is my junk email.  I use it only for one off websites and cranks.  The only reason I used it on the tablet is so I could access google play store.  Now it seems that everything is trying to go thru google and I can't get rid of them.  I have spent an hour going thru every setting I can find and have turned off every single thing google will let me turn off but it seems to do no good.

Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / Re: Le Pan TC1020
« on: July 13, 2014, 03:46:23 PM »
Found the address book/contact app.  It's called "People" in this version.

Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / Re: Le Pan TC1020
« on: July 13, 2014, 11:12:18 AM »
Just a few quick comments.  I put the 1020 to sleep last night -- wifi and gps turned off -- and the battery lost only 4% in 10-11 hours .... from 76% to 72%.  That's just about equal to how my LePan II operated.

I just discovered that the LePan TC1020 users manual is loaded onto the unit.  Go to Settings > Help.  It's a 43 page manual in English, French, or Spanish.  It isn't all encompassing by any means, but it's something.

Has anyone found a built in address book/contacts app?  I can't find one .... maybe have to get one from google store?

Just discovered that I can stream video/movies to my big screen TV from the 1020.  Need to play with it when the wife is away to see how it works.  I have Google Chromecast on my desktop/TV .... maybe Chromecast is built into the 1020 version of Chrome  already?  I wonder if I could broadcast video if I didn't already have Chromecast installed on my rec room TV?
I discovered this when I went to youtube from the 1020 for the first time.  A small pop-up informed me I could send video to my TV by tapping an icon in the upper right screen.  Anyone else see this?

Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / Re: Le Pan TC1020
« on: July 11, 2014, 10:07:56 AM »
Can anyone see if CPUID confirms it is a Tegra 4?

CPUID says Tegra 4.  Attaching two screenshots of CPUID results.

Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / Re: Le Pan TC1020
« on: July 11, 2014, 10:06:45 AM »
OK -  have had my hands on the TC1020 for approximately 5 hours and thought I'd provide some preliminary impressions and some benchmarks.
Overall impressions:
    -  Based on benchmarks I'm not very happy

After seeing your results I cleared data and cache for Antutu and ran it again with similar results as I got the first two times .... actually a little better even.  Test was done with wifi on and battery at ~64%.  I am attaching (or will try to) two screenshots of the results.

Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / Re: Le Pan TC1020
« on: July 10, 2014, 02:51:03 PM »
Gastan:  Could you please try Super PI?

It calculates 1,000,000 digits of PI.  Seems like the Tegra 4 should be <=10 seconds.
I have no idea what all this means, but here it is:

Calculating 1000000 digits of Pi using AGM and FFT:
Mem alloc size= 9.00 MB
FFT size= 262144
Error margin= 0.00605361
Internal precision= 1048576 digits
AGM iteration, time= 1.22 sec
Precision= 48, time= 2.22 sec
Precision= 80, time= 3.25 sec
Precision= 176, time= 4.22sec
Precision= 352, time= 5.19 sec
Precision= 688, time= 6.18 sec
Precision= 1392, time= 7.18 sec
Precision= 2784, time= 8.19 sec
Precision= 5584, time= 9.21 sec
Precision= 11168, time= 10.20 sec
Precision= 22336, time= 11.21 sec
Precision= 44688, time= 12.20 sec
Precision= 89408, time= 13.16 sec
Precision= 178816, time= 14.11 sec
Precision= 357648, time= 15.10 sec
Precision= 715312, time= 16.10 sec
Precision= 1430640, time= 17.10 sec
Last 200 of 1000000 digits of Pi:
376487479017727412567819055556218050487674699114083997791 ...(this goes on for two more lines

Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / Re: Le Pan TC1020
« on: July 10, 2014, 10:56:15 AM »
Gastan, regarding your touchscreen issue.  The mini hsd the same update on first use and a touchscreen update.  It was important to recalibrate the g sensor sfter the touch screen update.  Try that and seeif it helps.
John, I cannot find a setting to calibrate the g sensor.  There is a calibration in settings for the touch screen.  The instructions are to place the tablet on a table and not touch it while the "calibration" is being done.  The process is fast ... perhaps 20-25 seconds ... and a notification comes up saying the "calibration" is complete.  I've done that several times.

It seems that this tablet is crippled for some reason/somehow.  These both use the Tegra 4.
Apparently benchmarks aren't everything.  Just sayin'

Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / Re: Le Pan TC1020
« on: July 09, 2014, 07:23:46 PM »
Whoever gets the tablet first can they run Antutu?

I may get one depending on the overall score.

Just downloaded and ran v4.5.1 with these results (I am copying them exactly as shown):
(addendum: I ran a second test and got better scores. ???  Second test scores are in red)

total score: 19715     21912
CPU: Good, Supports large apps and multitasking. RAM: Good, 2D graphics: General, 3D graphics: Excellent, Fluently support mobile games.

UX Android 4.2.2
Multitask:      4077         4518
Runtime:       1628         1902

RAM 368.6 / 1858.0 MB
RAM Operation:      911         1029
RAM Speed:          1223        1428
Junk Files(49MB)

CPU 1810 MHz (x4)
CPU integer:         1951         2215
CPU float-point:    2370         2715

2D graphics:         [1600x2464] 808           810
3D graphics:         [1600x2464] 5242         5656

IO 9431.4 / 10626.3 MB
Storage I/O:         900          1039
Database I/O:       605          600

Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / Re: Le Pan TC1020
« on: July 09, 2014, 06:31:56 PM »
I've been using the 1020 for about a week.  Got it from  The thing is noticeably thinner and lighter than the LePan II it replaced but is about 1" larger (longer/taller in portrait orientation) because of the 16:9 screen.  It fit fairly nicely into the iPad II case that I used for the LePan II (with just a little overhang on each end) after some light mod.

My subjective appraisal:
much quicker OS
much better wifi
much improved screen
much worse touch-screen -- I do crossword puzzles on it and changing squares in the puzzle is daunting, especially near the edge of the screen.  3-4-5-6 attempts is not unusual.
battery life is still up in the air.  Arrived with about 50% charge.  Took about 3 hours to charge to 100%.  I like to run a new battery down very, very low for the first several charges.  At first recharge the battery was at ~8% and it took ~6 hours to reach 100%.  Subjectively, the battery didn't seem to last as long as the LePan II battery but I didn't note exact times.  Second recharge was from ~4% and it took ~5 hours to reach 96%.  I used it lightly (ebook reading) for about 1 hour and put it in sleep mode.  Two hours later it was down to 75%. (all with wifi shut off)

it automatically upgraded to a newer kernel and build version of android the first time I connected to wifi -- but it was still v4.2.2.  Took it about 45-60 minutes to complete.  It also "upgraded" and calibrated the touch screen on first wifi connection.

In wide screen orientation:
the front camera is center, top.
rear camera is (duh) rear, center, top.
power button is top edge, right corner (and it is NOT easy to engage without looking.  Probably just me but I cannot seem to engage it by "feel".
volume controls, right edge, top corner
micro usb (recharge and computer connection), right edge, mid-level (below volume controls)
earphone connection, right edge, just below micro usb
micro sd card slot, right edge, bottom corner
speakers, rear of case, two bottom corners

The rear camera takes (IMO) awesome photos (and now, with a rear camera, I can use Star Walk astronomy app).  The speakers are weak but with headphones the sound is great.  The screen is a major improvement.  I think it is at least as good as the Samsung my brother-in-law has.  It also has blue-tooth which the specs I saw didn't mention.  There is no users manual and the "quick start guide" is a joke.  First time I connected it to my desktop, Windows 7 x64 recognized it and connected quickly.

All in all I am happy with it with the sole exception of the touch screen.

Le Pan II Help And Discussion / Re: Touch Screen Does not work
« on: July 01, 2014, 10:16:02 AM »
I just thought about this.  My screen started acting wonky several weeks before the freeze.  Every time I would power off or just put it to sleep -- when I powered up again, the screen auto-rotate would be disabled.  I would have to go into settings and check the auto-rotate box again.  This happened no matter what position the screen rotation lock (on the side of the unit) was in.   

Le Pan II Help And Discussion / Re: Touch Screen Does not work
« on: July 01, 2014, 10:04:59 AM »
Yes, the same thing happened to me just last week.  Unfortunately it happened the 2nd day of a 5 day trip away from home.  Left me with no e-mail or web access. 

It was working fine one day and the next day when I went to check e-mail it was just frozen.  I tried reset button, reset button + power button, and I even removed/re-installed the battery.  Eventually I got limited response.  When I power up I can get past the unlock screen to the "desktop" ---- about half the time.  Even after I get to the main screen, the only thing I can get any response from is the Aldiko e-book reading program, and even that is hit and miss. 

The response is very erratic.  I have to keep powering off/on to navigate thru a book.  Sometime I can get a page turn or even two or three before it freezes again and I have to go thru the power off/on process once more.

I am searching but haven't found any useful info about this problem yet.  I don't think I'll spend a bunch of time on it.  I think the touch screen just is toast and it's time for another tablet.  So far I'm leaning towards the LePan 1020 but I am still researching. 

Good luck.

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