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Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / I have lost all sound!
« on: April 03, 2017, 12:27:42 AM »
I've lost all sound on the tablet except the buzzing when I type. Not clicking just an annoying vibration even though that isn't checked. Now can't play the games right! I've tried ti reboot I think bout nothing works. Checked my apps and nothing there. I need this to work.  It doesn't appear to be charging either. HELP!!

I have 2 other LePan tablets. One is also an 8". My other tablets have the bookmarks in list format not in website format. I prefer the list. How do I get that back? I did import them from these tablets. Thanks! Debby

Le Pan Android OS / How do I get the sounds to stop?
« on: October 12, 2016, 01:07:11 AM »
I keep getting sounds about every 30 mins or so. I've turned off what I can, removed a bunch of games. Don't have an Outlook acct. Although they say it's trying to log in. This started yesterday for no reason. Help please it's driving me crazy!

And if I close the pop up then my key board changes! This has happened several times today. I remove the keyboard and a while later it pops back up. I went into languages, etc. And can't select any keyboard at all. Have I been hacked? I hate this keyboard because it is very pale and not crisp like my previous one! HELP!

Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / The built in on screen keyboard
« on: June 09, 2015, 02:51:29 AM »
Where is it? I was using it but by accident updated the google keyboard which I dont like and now I can't get back to the other one. Help!

I'm trying to use a  card making program and it says that "this plugin isn't enabled" or something like that. I have Adobe reader in so what else do I need. I'm using Chrome as my browser and I have the TC 1020 and also a mini. I love this tablet and the help this forum gives those of us who are less tech savvy. Thanks! Debby  :'(

I used the OEM charger last night and when I woke up there was no green light to let me know it was charged. I bought a second identical tablet and it showed a green light after charging. Does the green light go off after a while? Thanks

I did look in the user guide but this wasn't covered, of course!

Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / I have some questions?
« on: November 25, 2014, 04:49:34 AM »
I have a new TC 1020 and am having the same issues  others are. First it was getting warm/hot, which it still does occasionally. But I have some questīons to help me learn about this tablet:

1. Why does take so long to charge. I bought the Ravpower thing and nothing changed. Last night I started charging at 30% and it still took about 6 hours to charge.
2. Is there a setting to help it charge faster? I ALWAYS TURN IT OFF too.
3. Is it better to charge it every night even if it hasnt run down to nothing?? Sometimes it almost runs dry but sometimes no.
4.WHAT ARE THE OPTIMAL SETTINGS TO GET THE MOST TIME OUT OF THE BATTERY? Is it okay to always stay on Airplane mode?

Thanks so much in advance. This site has been a lifesaver since tech support at Lepan is worthless! Debby

My tc 1020 is about one week old. I didn't do any updates out of the box, but have noticed that it gets very warm on the right side of the screen after a short time of use.. I've tried to email Lepan but can find my serial number so it won't complete. Any ideas if this is normal? My husband says it is, but it gets really hot to the touch. Thanks in advance!

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