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Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / Re: Curiouser and Curiouser
« on: July 10, 2016, 01:10:33 PM »
Hey I know it's been awhile. Real life does tend to interfere these days. I'll try to throw together a quick how to for the TWRP recovery and the lollipop ROM. I haven't had time to pull my modified stock ROM but maybe I can just post a clean backup to flash.

Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / Re: Curiouser and Curiouser
« on: June 18, 2016, 01:10:17 PM »
So I have tested a couple of the custom ROMS for the quanta on the TC1020, everything seems to be working on the Lollipop except the flash for the camera when taking pictures. You can work around by starting a video and the light starts then tapping the screen to get a pic. Marshmallow was pretty buggy.

Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / Re: Curiouser and Curiouser
« on: June 16, 2016, 02:39:52 PM »
So backup and restore work. I unpacked and reflashed both the boot.im and the system.img. The repacked boot.img seems to make the tablet slower but I think it might have been a change I made just to see if it works. Before too long I am going to start a new thread for a tweaked stock replacement rom.


Razer Forge TV

Right now you can buy the Razer Forge TV with two Serval gamepads for only $99 direct from Razer using the promo code RZRFTVBIN at checkout.

Razer is a company that has been around for awhile making PC gaming peripherals. Last year they acquired the Ouya brand and released the Razer Forge TV an Android streaming and gaming device. It is pretty impressive under the hood:

Android 5.1
Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 805
Quad-Core Krait 450 CPU
Adreno™ 420 GPU
16GB of Storage
Bluetooth 4.1 + HS
Wireless 802.11ac 2X2
Gigabit Ethernet
HDMI 1.4 output
USB 3.0

By acquiring Ouya they got instant access to over 1500 games and apps for Android from indies to full commercial apps and games in the Ouya store. For streaming this is a rock solid choice. Because of their arrangement with Google some apps like Nextflix are not available from the Play store but can be easily sideloaded.
If I have one complaint is no 4K streaming. HDMI 1.4 can support it and so can the Qualcomm 805 so I am not sure why the Forge doesn't support it.

The forge is unique in that you can control it from the Serval gamepad or with the Forge app on you smartphone or tablet. A nice feature for those tech addicted.

The Serval controller is Bluetooth and comes with a clip for attaching your smartphone to the controller for mini gaming experience.

If you want to make a dumb TV smart or test the Android gaming waters this is a really nice way to go and @ only $99 for the bundle ( over $200 separately) a near no brainer.

Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / Curiouser and Curiouser
« on: June 16, 2016, 01:36:54 AM »
So after a private message from jonnyarlathotep I got bored and did a little digging on the custom recoveries out there for Tegra 4 tablets. Right now sitting on my TC1020 is a working TWRP custom recovery and it appears to be fully functional.

What does this mean? If it backs up and restores my system successfully we could at minimum have a working modified stock rom. If I can unpack the boot.img I can tweak some of the performance a little. At best it could mean porting one of the working Lolipop from one of the similar Tegra 4 tablets. No promises but curious-er and curious-er....

It won't. By tablet standards the Lepan II is an antique and long past any updates.

Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / Re: RIP TC1020
« on: April 16, 2016, 10:51:09 AM »
It's interesting that the 9.7 sizes are making a comeback. You see a lot of them now on the mail order sites. I still consider getting another Mini once in awhile. They are just a great all around tablet. My TC1020 is still getting a lot of use along with my Dual Boot Pipo w6S. I am watching for the prices to come down on some of the 4GB ram dual boots to tweak a Windows game tablet out of.

According to the FCC docs they are the same, BUT, that doesn't mean there are not small hardware differences like one using Hynix RAM and the other using Hyundai or the same thing with different Bluetooth chip-sets.

The custom ROMs development is dead so a custom ROM with broken features isn't a good idea when it might have more issues on the Le Pan then the Quanta

Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / Re: First initial charging time
« on: March 08, 2016, 01:48:44 PM »
It could also be that it's a purchase direct from the factory in Chine. The TC1020 is sold under 3 brands so if they bought prebranded clearance they might no have come with the Le Pan charger as they come from a different factory.

Le Pan TC1020 Help And Discussion / Re: First initial charging time
« on: February 27, 2016, 11:37:14 PM »
I am assuming this was used because of the Samsung charger. It could still be an issue with the charger as some Samsung chargers are 1 amp or .5 amp and depending if the charger was designed for a phone or a tablet they can have proprietary pinouts that only supply .5 amp to standard devices.

Other Low Cost Tablet Discussions / Re: Teclast Dual OS 8" 3g
« on: February 02, 2016, 03:48:52 AM »
Funny you should ask. I just recently gifted the x80h to a friend's wife. Still a rock solid tablet, I just found over time 8 inches and full Windows 10 isn't  a great combination for me. Edge touches were really hard for big fingers and I am not much for using a stylus. I am still using the TC1020, Fire HDX, and the dual boot Pipo W6S 4G. Unfortunately I can't get the 4G without going through Verizon here.

Have you seen the new x98+? 2ghz atom, 4gb ram, 64 gb rom around, decent cameras, dual Win 10/Lollipop $199.

Interesting.  That may or may not be for real.  Maybe someone with a tc1020 can chime in.

Sent from my Nexus 9 using Tapatalk
nah it's fake.

Was told tablet driver is probably corrupted due to travel.

Not a real thing. There are no drivers that would corrupt in Android this way. I would guess if it was ATT support who told you this they probably lthought you were on a Windows tablet or just made a wild guess because they couldn't figure it out.

I recently opened a Mini I bought last year and it ran the same initial update that they always do. After that it gets the error 35 or just sits on the checking screen. Seeing error 35 is a generic connection code it probably means that since there are no new updates the server isn't responding with the expected "system up to date"  code and the tablet reports it as a connection error.

What was the error you were getting when you tried to connect to the hotspot?

Trio was bought out by Inspire tech and that is why there hasn't been any forward motion on these tablets. Inspire is an e-commerce company that has bought a few small tech companies only to never hear from them again. "Coming Soon" seems to be their catch phrase.

Not just with Le Pan either. Amazon just announced the HD tablet line with nothing really new about them other than a really thin design. All the new features and improvements seem to be going into phone instead of tablets.

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