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Le Pan Mini Help And Discussion / Re: ROM developement
« on: December 16, 2017, 02:54:54 AM »
Actually.. You, all 3 are wrong..  4.2.2 is basically 4.3 (touchwiz)  and if you understand what I just said then you understand that A-boot is going to be the only option basically. (safestrap)the bootloaders are locked, but that is not the main issue..  The main issue is that the boot.img etc,  is all on one partition. Making it impossible to flash a custom recovery the usual way. An e'en I've ttried going as far as writing my own twrp..  To no avail..  And every damn thing is write protected / signed.  So yes, in a way the op is thinking right,  just not Broad enough.  I can say this..  If anyone is brave enough to do it......  Odin flash Phil's touch recovery and once it's flashed (make sure autoreboot is off)  power down the device,  then manually boot into recovery and it should give the option for Phil's recovery.  Now the real work is going to come in figuring out what parts of the build to edit...  Ro.debuggable=1 system.secure=0 I'm not TELLING you to go change the USB abilities or build defaults or such..  I'm not saying you should...  I'm not responsible if you were to. Figure it out...  Have a great day...

Le Pan Mini Help And Discussion / Re: Root The Le Pan Mini
« on: December 07, 2017, 07:23:20 PM »
Framaroot has NOTHING to do with a PC at all.  It's an apk...  Also,  you don't need any of those developer options enabled either.  Especially allow mock locations.  It has absolutely nothing to do with root.  In any way....  It's best to use USB debugging for things such as terminal emulator etc.  Go r using the android shell and adb...  If you don't know what either of those are don't try fooling with them,  you'll brick your device. And for the guy that said nothing installed.  If it said success,  it DID install.  All you needed do was reboot,  and go to your app drawer and open SUPERSU. it's the yellow superman symbol.  Nothing flashes in framaroot,  so not sure what the op is talking about their either...  You just download framaroot, install, open,  borimir,  success.  Reboot.  If you are using the tc802a. Its not possible that it failed.  No way no how.  You just were confused.  Now my question is has anyone got a custom recovery to stick?  I can't and I've even built my own twrp.  They just simply won't work. 

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