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I bought a Chromecast on day one and actually got the 3 months of  free Netflix.  Yeah, Me!  Anyway,  this is the device to have.  The Chromecast makes controlling your TV so simple your  non techy house mates will be able to actually watch TV even after you have "simplified" everything!

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Sadly we are a divided household.  I look back over the years and wonder.  What did I do wrong?  Did I miss the signs?  What could I have done differently?  But what's done is done and all we can do is try to move forward even as this dark cloud looms ominous over our heads.

You see.... Daughter number one has an iPad...and....an iPhone.  We try not to talk about it but sometimes it is just the elephant in the room.

Last night it reared its ugly head again.  Trying to make peace in the family I bought both girls a Chromecast.   Works with both apple and android they say. 

I proudly recited the apps now supported for the Chromecast. 
Play music
Play movies
HBO go
Hulu plus
And on and on

We set up the Chromecast app on the iPad.. (What strange country is this! I had no idea how to navigate this iWorld). Hit the find apps button for the long list of apps currently supported for apple products.

That's it!  Surprising. The clouds began to gather once again.

Merriment  returned when I surprised them by starting John Denver and the Muppets Christmas album on play Music using my Le Pan Mini from the bathroom.

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas, John!  I have a question about Chromecast.  If I have Netflix would Chromecast be the device that it is delivered through? 

Yes.  You would use the Netflix app on your tablet to choose and start a movie.  Then when you touch the cast symbol it sends the movie link to the Chromecast and it is streamed directly from Netflix to the Chromecast.  Once the movie is started you use your tablet for other things.

I spent the last three days with my daughter's in Tucson.  The Chromecast was a huge hit.  We listened to Christmas music on Pandora, watched movies with Netflix, videos with youtube and vevo.  I even played albums from my own music collection using Play Music and watched a slide show of my own photographs.

It works great!

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Thanks for the info.  My grandson has asked me for it and I am going to get one for myself.  I am going to give Netflix another try.  I have been holding a grudge since they offered half the service as they previous offered for the same rate.  I have Hulu plus and all the cable premium channels but I like that you can get an entire series on Netflix.  I am really not thrilled with Hulu plus so Netflix gets one more shot.

Sounds like it was a good Christmas in Tucson!  Can't imagine Christmas without cold and snow but I will find out when we move to Florida next year!  Thanks, again.


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