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Chromecast trouble


Well bad news comes in threes I guess.
1. Need to replace the motor mounts in my wife's Grand Am
2.:Longmire has been canceled on A&E
3. Fired up my bedroom Chromecast today and the image was double and split.  So the right side of the screen said Netf and the left side said lix
| lix.                            Netf |
Kind of like that.  The buffering wheel was split half on the left edge and half on the right. 
The movie had a ghostly double image.  I rebooted it, I reset it, I unplugged it and plugged it back in.  Nothin'. Finally I unplugged it for about a half hour.  When I plugged back in it was working normally again.

Now some bodies got to pick up Longmire!

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