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Chromecast and Amazon Prime- It is possible!

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The good news is that you can stream Amazon Prime AND HBOGO  (and more) through your Chromecast device.

The bad news is that it is going to cost you!  It's still cheaper than cable!


Thanks Elizabeth - That's great but I think there a difference between Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime Free Video.  In addition it looks like the app requires running it on a pc as a server and using your tablet as a control device.

PlayOn does say that now that Amazon has released Amazon Fire TV chances of Amazon supporting ChromeCast are pretty slim.  I think I am going to continue playing with different combinations of browsers, side loads and whatever else I can find.

Yes, you do need to use your PC.  And I'm not sure about Amazon Prime/Instant Free Video.  But once you are able to access Amazon Prime I don't see why it would be different from accessing it on your PC, giving you both the free videos and the pay videos.  There is a free trial period if anyone wanted to check it out. 

Well now I know the answer. Amazon came out with their own answer to Chromecast.


As a Prime user and for only $19 I think I am going to get one even though I love Chromecast.  Got an extra port and might be fun to see if I can run both in pip mode.    ;D

Prime members $20 off if ordered in next two days.  Pre-order to be released Nov 19. My deliver scheduledfor Dec 9.


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